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Something given as a bonus or extra gift.



As a sixth generation Texan, I'd like to take you a trip through Texas—the home of my heart and the inspiration for many of my books.


Texas is a really big place! It's 801 miles north to south and 733 miles east to west.

Big Bend Country


Marfa is internationally famous for its magical desert lights.


What's going on in Marfa, Texas? How about strange lights in the desert, a sexy cop looking for his missing sister and a group of teenage moms at an abandoned army post.


It's simply too much for Twinkie Sue Carmichael to comprehend.


hodoo rock in palo duro canyon.jpg
Palo Duro Canyon
Cowgirl Cutie
My Uncle Carl was a famous saddle maker plus he owned a saddle shop. And no, this is not a Halloween costume. 
6666 barn.jpg
6666 Ranch one of the largest ranches  in Texas
Prairies and Lakes
Ft. Worth my birthplace, great fun at the Stockyards.
Dallas skyline.jpg
Dallas skyline
Ellis County Courthouse.
This county is where my Dodson ancestors came after the Civil War.
Piney Woods—Big Thicket
Piney woods swamp.jpg
Biological crossroads of North America where flora and fauna of east meet the plains and deserts of the west.
Gulf Coast
whooping crane.jpg
Aransas National Wildlife Refuge
Rockport, TX
AKA Port Serenity
Setting for my Port Serenity Series
Rockport 2.webp
Rockport 5.jpg
Rockport 7 sunrise.jpg
Rockport mansion.jpg
Rockport  1.jpg
a-texas-state-of-mind-thumbnail new.jpg
texas born print copy (2).jpg
texas road high res copy (2).jpg
texas double date high res (2).jpg
Hill Country
Luckenbach dance hall.jpg
Gruene dance hall.jpg
Heading 6
Luckenbach—Home of Country Music
Gruene Dance Hall
Austin bat cave.jpg
Austin and the bats
bluebonnet pic.jpg
Texas State.jpg
Texas State University—My Alma Mater
Bluebonnets in April

South Texas Plains

SA Mercado.jpg
San Antonio Mercado
San Antonio Riverwalk


My Hometown

guadalupe river rafting.jpg
Rafting on the Guadalupe
max starcke dam.jpg
Starcke Park Dam
Seguin pecan.webp
Sebastapol 2.jpg
Seguin 1 victorian.jpg
Sebastapol—First concrete building in Texas
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