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Magical Realism
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The Great Smoky Mountains came alive with the sound of music when the O’Flaherty Family Revival rolled through the hills and hollows bringing a party atmosphere to the celebration of God. Springen was the youngest of the O’Flaherty children, and with her sisters they sang the gospel music of the angels. To a casual observer, Spring was a normal kid, but appearances can be deceptive. She could see auras and lived in a Popsicle world where the kids were swathed in brilliant colors and the grown-ups were a fuzzy pastel. Being different wasn’t a problem, it was simply her gift. That illusion was destroyed during one of the revival services when she touched a visiting preacher and was transported into the mind of a serial killer. Being different was no longer fun, it was horrifying.

Spring’s precognition and retrocognition powers multiplied throughout her teen years. She was terrified that a casual hug or a handshake might send her back into that black abyss.


Fast forward several years and Spring has created a successful life in Atlanta. Truthfully, she’s lonely but that was okay until she met Jed Collinsworth and fell head over heels in love. He’s the love of her life, the other half of her soul, but lasting love can’t be built on lies and deceptions. It’s imperative that she tell Jed about her ability to talk to dead people.


The sudden murder of her dad lays waste to Spring's well-laid plans to reveal her secrets. Ready or not, Jed is about to be introduced to the O'Flaherty clan of western Virginia with all their eccentricities and quirks—tent revival preachers, gospel musicians, healers, heroes and pot growers. Is he ready for a true Southern wake and memorial service—Irish style—complete with raucous eating, drinking and storytelling?


Can their love endure despite Spring’s unusual abilities? And can she discover that elusive sense of love, peace and acceptance that she's always wanted?


Anything is possible when you Believe.

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Fiona O’Flaherty’s quiet life is turned upside down when a killer cop takes a dangerous interest in her. With the help of the Four Amigos—a group of retired law enforcement officers—she changes her identity and flees to a farm on the Northern Neck of Virginia. Much to her surprise her new roommate is a handsome ghost who departed this world in 1865.


And even more amazing is the fact Danann Farm is a mystical Irish village that was transported to the America’s in the early part of the nineteenth century. As a nurse she’s used to multi-tasking, but now she’s falling in love with a charming spirit while also managing the restoration of a historic home. Not to mention a serial killer is determined to find her. What next? How about a pint-sized seer with special powers, a group of geriatric aunties managing the rumor mill, and an extended family ready, willing and able to protect the new mistress of the Magnolia House.


Fiona is having quite an adventure in this sexier version of the classic movie and TV show, A Ghost and Mrs. Muir.

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It’ll take a heavenly wink and a couple of wannabe angels desperate to win their wings for Lucy Carson and Jamie Randolph to realize they're soulmates.  A Las Vegas teacher with a proclivity for all things vintage, Lucy’s dream is to have a baby.  But considering her sex life is a big fat zero that seems highly unlikely.


Jamie is a tabloid journalist whose only goal in life is to return to mainstream reporting.  But then his life turns topsy-turvy when the neophyte angels convince—read that bribe—him into getting involved in their hare-brained scheme.   


What will it take for these two very different people to fall in love?  How about a miracle called parthenogenesis—fertilization without the benefit of sperm?  Far-fetched—yep, but that’s why it’s a miracle.   


Set in a Vegas that tourists rarely see, with a cast of eccentric characters—a Transylvanian hit man, a drag queen named Merry Chino Cherry, and a devil’s minion who moonlights as a personal injury lawyer—this story has all the elements of a rollicking good time in Sin City.       

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